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Arabic Mehndi Designs: Intricate and Charming.


Mehndi is one of the oldest forms of body art and Arabic Mehndi Designs areespecially popular in Middle East and South Asia. As girls love to paint their hands and feet with beautiful and simple henna designs. Be it a wedding or a religious festival or maybe even a normal day. Women and girls love to apply mehndi and make their hands look even more prettier. Be it India, Pakistan or the United Arab Emirates, mehndi is a huge favorite amongst females of all ages. They want to try the latest styles that are trending.


Arabic Mehndi Designs are very popular and can be found in design books as well on the internet. These are the sources from where you can look at all the designs and then pick and choose what you want and have it painted on your hands either by a professional mehndi artist or a relative. Since most of these designs are easy, you can easily make them yourself too on your left hand and let someone else do the other one.

Many innovative and new styles are a part of Arabic Mehndi designs and they will make you look different. And stand out from among the crowd whenever you decide to apply it on your hands and feet. This is because most women use Pakistani or Indian mehndi designs on their hands. Arabic, even though it is even more beautiful, is left out because of the intricacy of the designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Brides


It is very common to see Mehendi used and applied during festivals and weddings. It is expected of a bride to apply it. All of the other women belonging to the family apply it too. Bridal henna is slightly more complex and intricate designs are involved. These designs are usually applied by salon professionals who can handle complex designs expertly. Arabic Mehndi designs are now very common in Pakistan. Because the shades of the mehndi are much darker and the beautiful designs look absolutely stunning.


Floral designs are huge favorites, especially those that have really big motifs covering a side of the hand. Double color mehndi is also very much in fashion nowadays. In this style the outline of the mehndi is different than the filling in terms of color. This gives a very unique look. people will be coming to see your hands up close if you are wearing this style.


Arabic Mehndi designs are also getting very popular in the West in the form of temporary tattoos and stick on designs.Many western brides are trying them too since they are a perfect style statement. And can be applied anywhere on the body easily.


Do go through these magnificent designs that are beautiful and stylish and will definitely attract the attention of everyone you meet. These designs will help you stand out and appear fashionable wherever you go. Have fun practicing this traditional art and appear even more sophisticated and graceful!



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