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Bridal Dresses: The Fit and Fab Styles in 2018

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Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding and spends a lot of time on the tiniest details when it comes to getting married. And Bridal Dresses are something that brides pay the most attention to. This is because on their big day, they will be the centre of attention and their dress is what will make them shine. A lot of work goes into the thought and creation of the perfect outfit. Girls are likely to keep many pictures of designer clothes as references for when their own time comes.

With so many styles and options available in the market, one is sure to be perplexed and confused about what to go for. There are so many questions that might arise in a girl’s mind about all the bridal dresses that she sees. That she might want to ask help from her bridesmaid and other friends.

Not only are there options of style, first you have to decide whether you want to go for a high end designer who does bespoke and made to order outfits. Or whether you want to go with a pre-made designer dress that only requires alterations. If your budget doesn’t allow haute couture, you can go for other boutiques that offer reasonably priced clothes. You can even get all the work done in cheap rates from some of the local bazaars. If you can take the time and effort to run around and haggle with shopkeepers. With so many options available, it is no longer difficult to get a dress in plus size or even petite sizes.

Another trend that is catching up in bridal wear these days is vintage dresses. Girls are rummaging through their mother’s and grandmother’s’ bridal suits. They either use them as it is, making simple changes to the cuts or overhauling them completely. This brings a very pleasant change into the look and feel of the wedding and also increases the sentimental value for all involved.

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The choice of the bridal dress depends on a lot of factors. Your own personal preference being of the utmost importance. The venue, theme and the season in which the wedding is taking place. A summer destination wedding at the beach will use lighter fabrics with looser cuts. Whereas a formal venue with traditional theme will require a heavily embellished dress. Stately gowns need to fit in with the theme.

The current fashion and style also determines the bride’s decision regarding the finding the perfect bridal dresses. If short lengths are in fashion, it is obvious that most girls will opt for those since no one wants to look out of fashion at their big day. Similarly the choice of fabric and types of design are also determined by the ongoing style statement.

Equal attention is paid to bridesmaid dresses and dresses for the mother of bride and mother of groom. Since these are the most important women at the event apart from the bride herself. Their clothes are paid very special attention and should be show stoppers in their own right without overshadowing the main girl.

It is not just the bridal dresses that demands attention, but all the elements like shoes, clutch, hair and makeup. Afterall, a gorgeous bride requires a lot of things to make her look absolutely exquisite on her main day.

It is best to plan months in advance for your bridal suit since designers need at least three months to get your outfit ready. It is also best to research all the designers you have heard of. check out their old collection of bridal dresses to get an idea of their style and if it matches yours.

Famous Designers in Bridal Dresses Category

To help you get started with the research, here are some of the most prominent names in the world of Pakistani bridal dresses are:

Karma by Maheen Kardar is one of the oldest fashion designers. They have made a name for themselves in the Pakistani fashion industry. Their dresses are always trend-setters and are a number one choice for many brides.
HSY is known as the couture king of Pakistan and his bridal dresses are to die for. He has a color palette that is mostly traditional, and based on reds and maroons. He is a favorite amongst girls who want to look like real Pakistani brides.
Elan has a very distinct style and their outfits are decidedly western inspired in terms of cuts and drapes and also the color schemes that they use. With the soft pastels and creams, their dresses are perfect for walima brides.
Bunto Kazmi
A Bunto Kazmi outfit can be spotted from afar and instantly recognized because of its timeless classic looks. Her dresses have a very vintage feel which adds to its grandeur even more.
Mehdi is fast becoming a favorite amongst fashion lovers because of his unique designs and dresses that are really different from the others’. With dark and rich shades paired with contrasting hues, his bridal dresses are to die for.
Nomi Ansari
Nomi ansari is known for his bold use of colors that are bright and over the top. His clothes feature age old classic embellishments such as gota and chatta patti, and are perfect for mehndi functions.
Sana Safinaz
Bridals by this stylish duo are all the range amongst girls who want an elegant and sophisticated look on their wedding day. With rich colors and beautiful cuts, their clothes are perfect for the contemporary bride.
Fahad Hussayn
Fahad Hussayn dresses are very stately and created on themes that remind us of subcontinental olden times and regional beauties. They are no less than statement pieces with each piece telling a story.

So here was the low down on all the bridal dresses styles and options that you can think of when going wedding attire shopping. It is important to stay true to your personality and not go for something just because of the designer label. Go for a dress that defines you because wedding days are a once in a lifetime chance. You want to look your absolute best on them.




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