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Bridal Makeup : The Crowning Glory


Wedding is a big deal for the bride and she will obviously want to look her best on the most important day of her life. And so a lot attention is given to her bridal looks, which includes her dress, shoes, hair and of course, the bridal makeup. Make up can completely change the way a person looks. The right styles and ways of applying it can make girls look absolutely ethereal. But it all depends on the artisty of the makeup professionals.

Have you ever wondered why some girls look extremely gorgeous on their wedding day? Others might look the same as they do on every other day? Well, it’s because not every artist is the same. Some might work on a freelance basis and therefore not have the right skills to do great bridal makeup. So make sure you research your options well and choose the one you like the most well in advance. Lest there should be any last minute surprises.

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Your bridal makeup should be according to the function and should complement your dress and the overall theme. On a mehndi or mayoun, traditionally no makeup was used. But now days, because of the trend of photography and videography, brides prefer to do a little makeup. So that they don’t appear bland in photographs or on screen. The trick is to apply a light base or BB cream and do very subtle eye makeup. Cover the lids with a nude shimmer shade and apply a thin line of eyeliner. And a light coat of mascara to make the eyes look bigger and the eyelashes look denser. Only a light highlighter or pale blush should be enough for mehndi bridal makeup. Also apply a nude or pale pink lipcolor to balance the look.


On the main wedding day, you are likely to have booked an appointment at your salon. Since main day bridal makeup should be done by professional artists, you don’t have to worry too much about your look. But it is still best to know the basics incase the makeup artists starts to do something that doesn’t suit your facial structure and features. Since red is the most preferred color for a dress on the first event, it is always safe to go with red lips and golden smokey eyes.

It is a very dramatic look and gives a sophisticated flair to the bride, who will look ravishing with this kind of makeup on. If wearing colors other than red, it is always safe to stay in the same color family as your dress. Going for contrasting shades can turn out to be a disaster and you should never match two contrasting shades when it comes to eye makeup.


Walimas are basically receptions and the bridal makeup on this day is usually kept light and fresh with the focus on the eyes. Since dresses on this day are usually pastels or nude shades, going with dark lips is not a good idea. Instead, try going for dramatic eye makeup which will make you stand out and look different from the previous day.



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