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Casual Dresses: The Most In-Demand Clothing


The need for casual dresses is ever present in the life of women. Be they at home, going to work, college, universities, or maybe even going to the mall. The perfect casual outfit goes a long way into making you look presentable and well dressed. One can’t always wear party dresses and therefore casual ones are perfect for going out.

A lot of girls in Pakistan now prefer to wear ready to wear casual dresses as part of their daily routine. Since colleges and universities don’t have uniforms anymore, the need for a lot of clothes is always there for girls. For this they choose to go for pret wear, lawn in the summer and cambric or khaddar in winters. These dresses can be found in one piece, just the shirt or with a dupatta and trousers too. Kurtis and single shirts are highly favored since they can be paired with jeans or tights of your own choosing.

Unlike maxi and cocktail dresses these casual dresses are easy to carry and are very comfortable as they are usually made out of soft materials without any embellishments on them which are prickly. They can also be easily thrown on on a busy day with minimal fuss and maintenance required. They can be found in many latest and trendy styles and are also available in cheap prices from many stores and markets.

These casual dresses are usually lawn and cottons, and even other materials such as linen and jersey. They are usually are either digitally printed. They also have a light embroidery or feature buttons, lace, or nets.

Popular Casual Dresses for Going Out

When going out for a dinner or get-together with friends, you can wear casual dresses in many different designs and colors. Black, white and red are classic options. You can also go for colors such as pink, yellow and purple, which look great with the right accessories. When going to a beach party, a sundress is your best option as it is loose. It is also comfortable to wear and also allows free movement.

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For a night at the club or at a party where you don’t want to dress up too much, you can go for a not too long top with jeans or tights, with black heels. Not only will you be dressed casually, you will also be sophisticated and stylish.

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Many designers have taken out western style casual wear, which you can wear easily because of their comfort level. Jeans and tops are perfect for casual occasions and you can easily dress them up with the right jewelry, bag and shoes.

Jumpsuits are also casual and can be worn with jackets or shrugs. They look exceptionally cute on girls with petite frames. They are flattering on those with heavier bodies too.

So the best option is to go with clothes that are comfortable yet classy and look great on you. Because when dressing up everyday, you should have fun and look good to yourself and to others as well.


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