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Bridal Mehndi Designs that are Beautiful and Intricate


Bridal mehndi designs are something that are needed by every single bride in Asia. Because a bride does not look complete unless her hands, arms and feet are adorned with beautiful henna designs. It is a very old culture in India and Pakistan that the bride be put mehandi on her hand in some design or the other to make her hands look more appealing. Mehendi is a natural substance that is made by grinding leaves. Then mixing the powder with water to turn it into a paste. It is a natural dye and if made at home, has absolutely no chemicals and is very safe to apply.

Women from South Asia and the Middle East love to apply mehndi. They look forward to events and functions to cover their hands, arms and feet with beautiful designs. Some women also apply it on  their necks and backs. Especially if they are wearing sari blouses or dresses with deep backs. It all depends on your personal style and the way you want to look.

Popular Styles of Bridal Mehndi Designs


There are many different styles of applying bridal mehndi designs. The most popular are Pakistani, Indian and Arabic.


Arabic Mehndi designs are now very common in Pakistan. Because the shades of the mehndi are much darker and the beautiful designs look absolutely stunning. This style features floral designs which are a huge favorite. Especially those with really big motifs and a lot of intricate detailing covering a side of the hand. Double color mehndi is very in demand by brides too. In this style the outline of the mehndi is darker and usually of a black shade whereas the inner filling is red or orange. This gives a very appealing feel and is loved by all age groups. Kids especially like it when glitter is added to the bridal mehndi designs. Since it brings a fun look that is traditional and modern at the same time. The glitter is in a variety of colors and you can even match your dress with it.

Indian Mehndi

Bridal mehndi designs are more intricate and complex than the normal designs and are usually applied by professionals. Indian style mehndi is also gaining popularity as they are very different from the ones applied in Pakistan. Many of the latest designs are no less than paintings with beautiful peacocks and figures of the bride and groom etched onto the girl’s hand with henna. They are absolutely gorgeous. Hindus also apply images of their gods into their mehndi and sometimes their hands can tell the stories and myths of old India. Indian Mehndi designs for brides also involve writing the name of the groom within the pattern which others have to search for. This is now very common in Pakistan too.


Check out these images from 2017 and 2018 that show the beautiful and versatile designs that can be applied by brides on their weddings. Most are very simple and easy and best even if you want to apply the mehndi yourself or get a relative to do it for you.


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