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Designer Dresses in Pakistan: The Rising Trend


Designer dresses are really sought after because of their unique styles and designs and their superior quality of material and workmanship. It is true that they cost way more than the average dress. But women are willing to pay the price for the exclusivity and clout attached to owning designer wear. They especially need new clothes when going out to a party. Though some women love to find cheap bargain prices through sales and other promotions, most are willing to part with a hefty sum.

Designer dresses and high end boutique dresses are becoming widely popular and starting to gain a steady buyership in Pakistan. Click on a pakistani channel and if you happen across an award show, you are likely to see a lot. The glitterati and celebrities in evening gowns and cocktail dresses, designed by our very own designers. Even farewell parties in schools and colleges are fast turning into prom style events. With girls wearing formal dresses both short and long, by popular Pakistani designers.


For the perfect outfit on such events, you should try something that is sexy and glamorous at the same time. It can be a short shirt with cigarette pants or a long one with a chooridar but it should be according to what suits your body structure and should highlight your positive features and make you look attractive. Cocktail designer dresses are especially popular in colors that are bright and bold such as black and red. For prom style events or homecoming parties, you can go for pastels shades like light pink, powder blue and other subtle shades that look innocent, sophisticated and elegant.


In the summer months you can go for lawn and cotton outfits. These are extremely popular in Pakistan with many high end designers starting to enter the market with their own lawn collections. The formal ones are usually embroidered and embellished with sequins and pearls, which makes them perfect for parties. They are also available in semi formal styles and can be worn when going out. Wearing the latest styles of the most high end labels is something every woman wants now.

Casual Designer Dresses

The designers in Pakistan are foraying into the pret market for the masses. Most are also pairing up with textile industries to launch their own collections. A lot of girls in Pakistan now prefer to wear casual ready to wear designer dresses as part of their daily routine. These dresses can be found in one piece, just the shirt or with a dupatta and trousers too. Kurtis and single shirts are highly favored since they can be paired with jeans or tights of your own choosing.

These dresses are comfortable and usually fit exactly the way the body is. They can also be easily thrown on on a busy day with minimal fuss and maintenance required. These dresses are especially worn by teenage girls or those who go to colleges and universities.  They need latest and trendy styles every day.


These casual dresses are usually lawn and cottons, and even other materials such as linen and jersey. They are either digitally printed, or feature belts, chains and other stylish accessories.


What you wear is all a matter of personal preference as there are a lot of options available in the market. Rest assured, if you wear designer dresses, you are sure to catch the eye and appreciation of others. They speak of their value just by their quality and style. You can even mix and match your shirts and trousers for a new look everyday and become the stylish one out of all your friends.


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