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Beauty Tips for Face and Skin: Easy and Beneficial


Who doesn’t want to appear more beautiful and fresher looking than they really are? And for that, they do all kinds of makeovers and treatments to make themselves look attractive. Makeup does not hide all the flaws in our skins, so we must try to keep our natural beauty intact so that we may appear fresh even without any make up on. Girls spend a lot of money on their looks and try all the beauty tips for face and other tips and tricks offered to them regarding hair care, skin care and other aspects that add to their appearance.

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So here are some homemade beauty tips for face and secrets that will put all your chemical peels and masks at a back bench and give you guaranteed fairness.


For fairer skin, like most Asian women desire, you can use an egg mask. With several nourishing elements, egg will leave your skin smooth and glowing. Just separate the white part of egg, stir it well and then apply it all over your face. Let it dry and then wash it off with cold water. You can also use dried orange peel, mix it with milk and use it as a scrub. This will help alleviate all the dead skin and dirt from your pores, giving them space to breath.


If you have extra dry skin, use a combination of olive and almonds oils for nourishing and conditioning it. This remedy acts wonderfully and is one of the best beauty tips for face to bring back the natural moisture and glow of skin..


To get rid of dark spots apply a mixture of turmeric (haldi in urdu and hindi), milk and gram flour (besan) for about fifteen minutes. Let the mixture dry on your face and then scrub lightly in circles. Using this paste once a day is a short shot way to get observably lighter dark spots because turmeric is a whitening agent.


The combination of lemon juice and aloe Vera works excellently to diminish the dark spots. Lemon juice and aloe vera can be mixed together to be used as the ultimate ingredients against dark spots as both are loaded with antioxidants, which can help you achieve flawless skin.


Eating carrots will also do the trick since carrots bring a glow to the face. These beauty tips for face are sure to reduce your dark spots in just a few days and are nature at its very best.


Beauty Tips For Face To Get Rid of Dark Circles


Another major skincare concern for girls is dark circles and bags under the eyes. Eye care is extremely essential as it is said that they are windows to your soul. Some of the major reasons behind formation of dark circles are genetics, age, dry skin, working for long hours in an eye straining environment, psychological stress, lack of adequate sleep and an unhealthy diet.


Getting rid of dark circles is extremely easy with these beauty tips for face.

Cucumbers have a refreshing coolness and antioxidants that aid in reducing the dark circles around your eyes. Use them regularly, after sprinkling a little rose water inside and outside the rims of your eyes and you will see visible results within a week.


Use bread as a sponge to soak up milk and apply it on your dark circles. Also, eating and sleeping well will do you a world of good.


So try all these beauty tips for face and maintain a healthy lifestyle and you will surely have skin that will be flawless and the envy of others.



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