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ECS Shoes: Upholding Tradition With Great Styles


ECS Shoes otherwise known as Ehsan Chappal Store is a leading footwear brand for women and young girls in Pakistan. With countless designs and shoe styles, they have something for all Pakistani women. With the rise in demand of matching shoes and bags that are accessible and affordable for the masses. ECS became a pioneer in filling the market gap and comes up with hundreds of designs every season. Whether it be winter, summer or even special lines such as Eid collections.


ECS Shoes has an impressive collection of footwear ranging from sandals for girls to fabulous high heels for women. Their shoes are adorned with beads, diamantes and glitter and some are even made of plain fabric and materials. Their shoes can be worn at a variety of functions including parties, eid, and weddings too.


With stunning collections being launched year after year, and with the trend of seasonal sale reaching a height in 2013, 2014 and 2015. ECS has released so many designs that you will be baffled by all the choices that you have. Both affordable in price and stylish in design, these shoes are all the rage. Many girls could be seen flaunting them with style. Even with intense competition from Stylo shoes, ECS Shoes had held its own and refuses to step down and out of the race.


Their sales seem to catch fire especially during Eid wedding season. This is because their footwear is not very expensive. But at the same time time it is very stylish and use the most innovative patterns.


They are offering all types of shoes including Court Shoes, Sandals,Casual Chappals,Formal Chappals, High Heel sandals and Flat shoes.The colors used for the ECS Shoes are a big range of colors where there is something for everyone.

Elements by ECS Shoes


Elements is the section of ECS shoes that retails accessories such as bags, clutches, jewelery, mobile pouches and even keychains. Tapping into the market for sparkly accessories, ECS has created a dent in the market where sale of clutches is concerned. Not only are their clutches and bags easy to carry, they are also extremely beautiful and trendy looking.



When it first started business, Ehsan Chappal store was only dealing in casual and formal footwear. But you have to have a matching clutch or handbag with your shoes. Or even when you need a complementary mobile pouch that you can sling at your wrist, you are now able to get those too while you shop for shoes. This was the reason why Elements was introduced, so that you could have all your fashion needs provided for under one roof. This makes it a lot more easier for women to choose a heel for their event. And also match a pair of amazing earrings and handbag with it to create the perfect ensemble.

Therefore you can say that this store is the absolute and ultimate fashion house catering to all your needs in one place. Why go anywhere else when you can find everything in a single go.


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