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Engagement Ring For The Bride-to-Be


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to go out on the search of the most perfect engagement ring. And because you would want your bride to be to have the absolute best, you are likely to explore every jewelry shop. Near and far until you find the most beautiful one. When a wedding is near, the need for engagement rings, promise rings or wedding rings and bands becomes inevitable. You can’t get married the traditional way without presenting your bride with a ring first. But choosing engagement rings is not an easy task. Here, we will give you the low down on the all the different styles that you can go for, from cheap to expensive. You can go for designer wear to department stores jewelers. You will be able to find the perfect engagement rings after you have gone through this article.


Engagement Ring Styles and Options

Solitaire – The most famous of all engagement rings is the solitaire. It is one single, sparkling diamond. The ultimate expression of love and is one exceptional way to say “I love you.” for all eternity. The diamond solitaire engagement ring showcases a single magnificent diamond in either a four- or six-prong setting in a wide range of metal settings. You can have them made in platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and even sterling silver.

Choose the diamond shape that suits your bride-to-be. Cuts can vary and you can go for the round cut which is the most common, a princess cut or even a marquis cut. The size of the diamond will greatly affect the price. You can also find less expensive alternatives if you look at the Estate collections. In these from different jewellars is where you can find antique pieces too.


Solitaire with Side Accents – This style has a bigger diamond center stone as its focus, and other smaller accent diamonds in the setting on the sides or  all around the shank creating a big and impressive look. These dazzling engagement rings are available in many different styles and shapes. With the position, cuts and placement of the diamonds varying in designs.


Bridal Sets – You can even for a bridal set that will commemorate both your engagement and marriage with a magnificent pair of rings. Radiant with diamonds, and other precious stones like rubies, sapphire, emeralds and black onyx, these rings include both the engagement rings and wedding bands. Both are perfectly matched and designed to complement each other.


Trio – Trio engagement rings are the best way to symbolize eternal matrimonial commitment. Since they have matching his and her bands for the wedding and a separate ring for the engagement, they are the perfect coordinating set are available in white or yellow gold and sterling silver


Three Stone Ring – These rings are especially popular these days with young brides as they are a celebration of romance. The three stones represents your past, present and future together.
Promise Rings – A promise ring is exchanged between a couple to express commitment to the relationship. This is before the actual  engagement takes place. It is usually smaller than an engagement ring, but the meaning is still huge and significant. A promise ring can also be made in any cut, and set in white, yellow or rose gold or sterling silver.


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