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Eye Makeup Styles We Love


.Girls and women of all ages have forever loved to apply make up and look beautiful. Whether they are going to a party, a wedding or even just out with friends or going to the mall, they love to wear a little something on their face that would make them appear fresher and more radiant. Mek up not only makes women more attractive, it brings a new vitality to the face if it is applied right. The type of makup you want to apply depends on your face structure, features and complexion. But the most common elements are lipstick, blush on and of course, eye makeup. Eye makeup is a very important part of the makeup as it accentuates the eyes and makes them look more attractive. There are many different ways of doing it and a lot of different elements that can be used.


You can find many videos on the internet of tutorial or step by step guides and tips for the best kind of casual, party or bridal eye makeup. You can even find tutorials for Pakistani and indian features and complexions.

Elements of Eye Makeup


Since the eyeliner is a very important part of the makeup routine, you should not skip it. It can give your face a dramatic look in no time and make you look different than your no makeup self. You can choose to go with a variety of styles and looks by only choosing the type of eye liner. And also the way you are going to use it. Thin lines, soft smudgy effect or a sharp and thick look, all depends on your application of the liner.


Mascara is another form of eye makeup that focuses on the lashes and makes them appear thicker and longer and denser than they actually are. Colored mascara is all the rage now and looks very bold and beautiful when chosen carefully. Loreal cosmetics has the best mascaras these days as they don’t dry out too quickly and are just the right amount of glossy.


Eye shadow is the main element that covers the whole eye. You can use any shadow kit that you own to create different looks, the most popular of which is the smokey eye. It involves using different shades of the same color. From light to dark to create a dramatic smoky effect. It makes the eyes look more appealing and increases their intrigue factor.

Mix it up

You can try out many different styles of eye makeup by mixing the elements. So you can wear a different combination every day. You can go for only eyeshadow on some days. Or go with eyeliner and mascara both and skip the shadow all together. It all depends on the mood and the occasion you are going to.


You can even experiment with the ways you put on eyeliner and the amount of skin that you cover when you apply shades. Each style will give you a different look. It will change the way you appear. So choose what looks best on you and make it your signature style.


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