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Mehndi Dresses Styles and Trends for Pakistani Brides


Mehndis are colorful and festive events with everyone having a time of their life with all the music and dancing. Everyone usually wants to look their best in clothes that are fit for the function. Mehndi dresses have a special appeal, especially for girls. Pakistani Mehndis are basically a function of the ladies. Women follow all the customs and traditions with joy and enjoy every moment of it. They put beautiful and simple mehndi designs on their hand and wear colorful suits.


Mehndi dresses traditionally are either yellow or green with occasional shades of yellow. But nowadays, anything goes; provided that it is bright and fun. Pink and purple is a favorite in the latest design and dress trends. Designers are going all out with combinations that you can’t even imagine.


The bride usually wears a yellow ensemble with gota being a popular choice of embellishment. It is very traditional and has been used in wedding outfits since a long long time. The color of the embellishments can make or break your outfit and should be chosen carefully. Multicolored bridal mehndi dresses look great too and are found in a variety of styles. Try combinations of pink and orange in beautiful and flowing anarkali style frocks for a classic look. These frocks are usually paired with chooridars. They look ethereal, especially if the person wearing them gets up to dance.


Chunri is also a popular choice for mehndi outfits and goes well heena covered hands. The yellow and green fabric is a mehndi classic in Pakistan. Countless brides wear it. People usually get it stitched in the basic shalwar kameez style. It has been a timeless piece of clothing for mehndi and mayun functions.


Pakistani Designer Mehndi Dresses


Almost all major Pakistani designers come up with a few mehndi outfits in their bridal collections every year. This is because the rasm-e-henna is a very important wedding function. And there is a constant demand for beautiful  clothes in this category.


Maria B and Nomi Ansari are two designers very famous for their mehndi dresses. This is because they love to play with color and have fun styles every new year. 2013 and 2014 saw a rise in long shirts so designers were ready with longer frocks and gown styles. 2015 saw a lot of ghagra cholis and shararas as popular mehndi attire. This is common in celebrity weddings. Designers usually go all out and design fabulous clothes for them.

Traditional Mehndi Dresses

Many designers are going back to the roots and exploring different cultures of Pakistan. and showing them through very traditional and ethnic mehndi clothes. Not only do these look beautiful. They are also fun to wear and give you a different look.


In the end it all matters on your preference and whatever suits you and looks good on you. The cuts and flairs of mehndi dresses will surely change the way you look. So embrace the colors and flaunt your style.



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