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Nail Art Designs to Impress Everyone


Why have no nail art designs? Why single colored nails when you can put on really innovative and amazing designs onto your nails? Prints are no longer just restricted to your clothes. Now you can have them on your nails too. Nailart is a relatively new phenomenon with a lot of girls jumping onto the bandwagon because of its unique style and fresh ideas that come out every other day. You can choose from easy to difficult nail art designs to try as there are ideas for every skill level and expertise. You can also get some fake nails that have already been painted for your ease. Stickers are also available in the market with really pretty nail art designs that you just have to paste onto your nails and peel them off when you want a new look.


But if you are the adventurous sort and want to venture into the world of nail arts yourself, you need to know a little bit about the tools and materials available. Even though most girls can easily paint their nails with an applicator brush, if you want to do nail art, you will have to buy some special brushes and pens that are specifically designed for the job. Acrylic pens are easily found in the market and can be used quite comfortably by novices to create beautiful nail art designs. Gel markers are also available and are used just like the pens.

Nail Art Designs and Styles For Beginners


There are many different techniques of nail art that you can use on your fingers and toes. The gallery below has some amazing pictures of jaw droppingly gorgeous designs that you can attempt at recreating.


We are also going to outline a few simple nail art designs for beginners so that you can try out your hand at this brilliant art too:


Choose two complementary colors, like black and white, or gold and black. Coat your entire nail in one of the colors and wait for it to dry. Then add the second color in a single swipe onto your nail tip in the style of a French manicure. This will give you stylish looking nails in no time. You can go with a variety of colors, just make sure that they look good together. You can add a shiny sticker or jewel on top of your nail, to make it look even more attractive.


Another really easy nail art designs is the glitter one. Mix loose glitter with nail gel or clear polish and apply it to your nails. When it has dried, simply add a top coat.


Polka dots are great to do on nails. You will have to choose two colors, one for the base, and another for the dots. Then using a toothpick or a small brush, make tiny dots all over your base coat color. You can put more colors too if you want. The sizes of polka dots can also vary to give a more cuter look.


You can use a similar technique to create a floral design. To make floral nail art designs, create a single dot in one color, and four or five dots around it with another color to make the petals. It is a very feminine and charming design that everyone will love.


Do try these out and then move on to advanced styles for great looking nails.


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