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Party Makeup Styles For The Stylish Women


Women are not considered dressed up untill and unless they have a little bit of makeup on their faces to make them even more attractive.Some women and girls love to apply make up and can’t stay even a day without it. Whether they are getting their makeup professionally done for example party makeup or bridal makeup, or doing it themselves after watching a tutorial or going through beauty tips; there are countless styles and options available. There are also many different videos available for Pakistani girls in Urdu and in english to check out and use as inspiration and instruction.

There are a huge variety of styles of party makeup which you can choose when going to a formal event.


Eye makeup is a very important step of the makeup applying as eyes are a prominent part of our face and our party makeup should properly accentuates them and makes them look more attractive. There are so many different kinds of eye makeup that you can try by combining different elements and products.


Eye makeup can be the defining part of your party makeup as it can be experimented with and can be used to change the way your face looks. You can go with a number of different colors that go with your outfit and complexion.  Also use your shadow kit and brushes that you own to create different shapes for your eyes. One can also define them trendy eyeshadow styles, the most popular of which is the smokey eye.


Another important part of party makeup is lipstick. Lipsticks are absolutely essential and a must for all women. Most of the women have a signature shade and color and prefer to wear that specific one on all occasions. Lipstick application enhances the natural beauty of your lips and draws attention to them.


Become a Party Makeup Pro With These Tips


You can also do your own party makeup and become a pro at it by following these few steps:


Apply concealer on dark spots and under-eye circles. Then apply an even coverage of foundation and set it with some loose powder. Then define the shape of your eyebrows using a black or brown pencil, or whatever is closer to your hair color.


Using a white eye pencil, add a line in the inner corner of your eye. This will make your eyes appear larger. Putting white eye pencil under your brows also also highlights them. Outline your upper and lower lash lines with black or brown eyeliner. Rub in with a brush towards outer side to create a fading effect.


Then choose a couple of shades of eye shadows in harmonious shades and apply them over your lids, blending them well. Apply a liquid eyeliner to the base of your lash, shaping it according to your eye. Extend it for a cat eye look. Use mascara on your lashes to make them look longer, denser and thicker.


Then take a powder brush to dust off any fall-out from your eye shadow.


Apply your favorite shade of lipstick, or a color that matches your outfit to seal your party makeup look. Also apply blush onto your cheeks for a rosy glow.



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